Jury Day 2024

The Jury Process

“Juried Member” designation is awarded to artists who have submitted a body of work deemed by a panel of independent art professionals to meet an elevated standard of excellence, according to criteria established by the League.

The next Jury Day (the day when work is evaluated by the panel of jurors) will be held in February 2024, with information sessions and art critiques starting in the October of 2023. This page will contain specifics as soon as Registration opens in the fall. You must be a paid member of the Sonoran Arts League in good standing to participate.

The Juried Member designation is recognized…

  • In the artist’s profile on the Sonoran Arts League website;
  • With the letter “J” next to the artist’s name in various League publications (including the “Hidden in The Hills” (HITH) Directory and booklets for League gallery exhibitions);
  • With the letter “J” on title cards whenever the artist shows work in an exhibition at the League gallery;
  • By inclusion of their juried portfolio in the All Juried Members show at the League gallery in March of 2024.

Juried artists may list this accomplishment on their own websites and resumes.

NOTE: All you need to submit your work for a regular show at the League gallery or to participate in the HITH Studio Tour is membership in the League. Juried Member status is NOT a requirement for those; rather, it is a specific acknowledgment of excellence.

Types of Media and Artwork

Work may be considered in the Jury Process across a wide assortment of visual media. However, when you submit your work for this process, you must select a single medium only. If you become a Juried Member, you are then free to submit work in any medium to League exhibitions and HITH.

Submitted artwork must be original work. Not allowed:

  • No work that is copied, in part or whole, from any published or locally shown work that is not your original work.
  • No pieces done in a workshop or class, student work, or work completed under the guidance of a mentor.
  • No giclée’s or photographs of original paintings printed on canvas.

Criteria for Evaluation

Jurors, who are accomplished art professionals not associated with the League, evaluate whether the submitted pieces rise to the level of a consistent and professional body of work, based on the criteria defined by the League. Click the button below to view the criteria and definitions.

Keep in mind that:

  • Jurors evaluate against set criteria but their decisions are, to an extent, subjective.
  • Artwork submitted for jurying should be in “gallery-ready” state. A short video explaining what we mean by gallery-ready will be available shortly on this page.
  • Jurors can consider a specific criterion “N/A” if it does not apply to the work being evaluated.

If you have questions about the Jury Process, please contact the Sonoran Arts League office at 480-575-6624.