To give to our community by promoting art, artists, and art education through leadership and service in the belief that an artistic awareness is essential to the well being of life and our community.

To be the premier art organization that supports and serves our community by nurturing a culture of creativity through education, events, and activities that connect the arts to the human spirit. 


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Welcome to the Sonoran Arts League

with the most established arts league in Arizona.


The Sonoran Arts League provides an environment where creative individuals with similar interests, values and goals form alliances that benefit their work and support the community through educational programs.
Artists and art enthusiasts are invited to take advantage of social, educational, promotional and volunteer opportunities throughout the year. 

The League is comprised of more than 450 art enthusiasts – 95% are artists practicing in multiple disciplines: sculptors, painters, potters, weavers, sketchers, jewelers and artists who create with glass, batik, mosaic, gourds, pastel, pencil and photography – nearly every artistic medium known.

Diversity makes us strong and draws new partners in steadily increasing numbers.

The SONORAN ARTS LEAGUE is a non-profit organization serving local, regional and statewide members, drawing friends and followers throughout the USA and Canada. 

We believe that artistic awareness is essential to life and community.


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