The Instructors Bureau is an exciting new member service through the Education Committee.  The Education Committee has several new programs planned in the near future.  The Instructors Bureau is the first priority, but stay tuned for future innovative ideas.

The Bureau will be a premiere source for quality art education by talented artists.  For instructor/artists it will provide a sophisticated referral service for your classes. 

Benefits for Instructors/Artists

The Bureau will maintain a list of instructor/artists who have an interest in teaching.  Classes will be advertised widely by the Bureau/Sonoran Arts League.  Registration and payment will be handled efficiently through the Bureau/Sonoran Arts League. 
The Sonoran Arts League often receives requests for off-site classes for various organizations. With a large selection of highly qualified instructors to choose from, these requests can more easily be filled.

  • Printed advertising & promotions for the Bureau/League will be available to visitors at the Center for the Arts, the Gallery at el Pedregal, hotel and resort concierge services, destination coordinators, local clubs and organizations.

  • Development of close working relationships with local resorts and partner organizations who express interest in either classes at their sites or a ready source of classes for their patrons or members.  One major resort is already on board and eager to start.
  • Classes will be advertised on a continual basis on the League website, calendars, and social media, and to local organizations.

  • Cross marketing with other programs and organizations.
  • Artist Studio tours by local resorts.  These will be arranged by the concierge services and based on patron interest.  Benefit for the artist willing to open their studio and perhaps give a brief demonstration of their art would be potential sales of their artwork to tour members.
  • Marketing will be an on-going process to ensure a steady pool of class participants.

  • Free yearly pop-up show for instructor/artists.

  • For those artists who do not want to use their own studios, the league office will be made available for class. Tuitions will be on a 50/50% split.  Materials fee will be paid directly to the instructor. If you have a class at your studio, a 75/25% split. Materials fee will be paid directly to the instructor.