Pastel Painting: Realism Bordering on Impressionism

Tuesdays, June 28, July 5, 19 & 25, 2022
1:00 PM - 12:00 AM
7100 E Cave Creek Road, Suite 164
Cave Creek, Arizona

Pastel Painting: Realism bordering on Impressionism

Pastel is a bold and colorful form that is executed with finger-sized sticks.  A Variety of colors can be achieved by layering the pastels.  If you enjoy drawing and painting this class and medium is meant for you.  Beverly will demonstrate at the beginning of the class and then everyone will paint.  You will learn how to paint animals and landscaping during the duration of the 4 week series.


Instructor: Beverly Bradshaw


4-week series class dates and times

Tuesday June 28, 1-3:30

Tuesday July 5, 1-3:30


Tuesday July 19, 1-3:30

Tuesday July 25, 1-3:30


Registration includes:

- Four weekly live sessions

- Hands on instructor support

- Still life

- Critique

Registration fee $15

Class Fee $175

TOTAL COST: $190 + materials


Introduction to Pastel Class Materials to be supplied by the participant

1.  Small set of 12 hard pastels such as Nupastels or Faber-Castell

2.  Small set of semi hard/soft pastels 12-24 such as Rembrandt or Art Spectrum

3.  300 grit pastel sanded paper in light neutral color such as sand, beige or white (Art Spectrum has packs in cool and warm colors but naturals are included, La Carte, Dakota Boards etc)

You can buy soft pastels if you like and there are many brands Blue Earth, Great American, Mount Vision.  My favorites are Richeson, Ludwig and Unison


Suggested sources to buy your materials


1.  Blick Art Materials

2.  Cheap Joes

3.  Dakota Art Pastel

4.  Arizona Art Supply


Skill level: All levels

Age limit: Adult